Through drawing, cialis generic I compile separate moments of time and thought in layers that accumulate to become a portrait of a complex individual whose body is expressing their interior self through minute subtleties of posture, viagra sale gesture, and facial expression.

My models are sometimes professionals, often friends, and occasionally even strangers. They pose for me in my studio, where they may feel foreign and uncomfortable, or in their own home, where they are intimately enfolded by their familiar surroundings. The model’s ease or unease in this situation, as well as their independent thoughts and feelings, are expressed through their body language in either fleeting or gradual changes. These subtle nonverbal clues are what I search for as I work. Perhaps a fleeting interruption in the rise and fall of breath, or the disappearance of a bone that was once pressing against the skin – I record these shifts, instabilities, and movements over time by intuitively varying the clarity of the image and refinement of my mark.

I believe that reality is fundamentally immeasurable: the model lives and changes, and should not be frozen in time, and I, the artist, approach each individual with fluctuating perceptions. Therefore I depict my subjects as economically as possible, leaving ambiguities in edges and areas that are underdeveloped to suggest the slight movements and gestures which typify each individual.